A Wonderful New Playground for Children at Mt. McSauba
Our Charlevoix Recreation Department, under the leadership of Kent Knorr, had an idea as part of their master plan to build a playground at Mt. McSauba. It would be a blessing as this facility is so popular with hundreds of children from Charlevoix and our surrounding areas. It is heavily used much of the year with skiing, mountain biking, trails, and the beach and its dunes.
Coincidentally, Rotary Charlevoix recently approached the city asking if there is any project Rotary could help make happen. The playground idea at Mt. McSauba was immediately suggested. Rotary loves the idea, and it is now in the design and pricing phase with expectation that it will happen soon, hopefully ready for our children as early as next summer.
The playground will be a short distance, just 250 feet, by trail from Mt. McSauba Lodge, and is designed to fit in nicely with the forest and preserve the wonderful feel of Mt. McSauba.
The desired playground equipment is in the process of being selected and will be from Penchura, a Michigan company. Doug Smith, their representative, is helping us, and he himself is a Charlevoix resident, loves children and outdoor activities. The equipment will be sensory and accessible, that is useable for nearly every child, ages four and five and up. The equipment will also mimic natural and free forms of play such as climbing, sensory exploration, balancing and imagination.
We expect the total cost to be approximately $250,000. If we receive leadership gifts from foundations, businesses and our residents who care deeply about our children and our Charlevoix community we can proceed immediately to make this a reality by next summer.
Of course, the “why” is very important. Hundreds of children enjoy Mt. McSauba, literally year-round. Quite honestly, we expect this playground will further unite our community. Mt. McSauba is really a family destination and this will only heighten being so for our families. Our children will be thrilled, as will our moms and dads.
We would greatly appreciate your financial support of this community project. Your donation would be tax deductible. Here is a link to the donation site: ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­ https://link.edgepilot.com/s/5c63c041/sD7iqeKR7kWl5qiEMX7VBw?u=https://rotaryclubofcharlevoix.org/donations
Donation Levels
$ 0-99  Chipmunk                           3,000-4,999 Fox
   100-249 Squirrel                          5,000-7,499 Deer        
   250-499 Raccoon                         7,000-9,999 Bear
   500-999 Beaver                         10,000 and more Eagle
   1,000-2,999 Porcupine
Playground Committee: Mark Andresky, Abbie Hart, Kent Knorr, Jody McLoed, Bryan Lindfors, Kirby Dipert, Jeff Anderson, John Keyser
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